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3 Days


Shape the future of
our society!

The Science-Hack is not just about discussing future innovations – it’s about being part of a movement that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Join us and let’s shape the future together!

  • Tailored Workshops: Engage in specialized sessions focusing on converting scientific research into viable business models within the four key areas.
  • Inspirational Keynotes: Gain insights from successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the path from research labs to market leaders.
  • Dynamic Networking: Build invaluable connections with fellow researchers, potential investors, and industry experts across these high-impact sectors..

Key Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Leveraging AI to transform industries through automation and predictive analytics.

Materials Science

Innovating with new, sustainable materials that offer revolutionary properties and applications.

Climate Science & Urban Planning

Developing strategies and technologies for sustainable urban development in response to climate change.

Das erwartet Dich

24 Std. Challenge

Stelle dich der ultimativen 24-Stunden-Herausforderung, in der Kreativität und Ausdauer auf die Probe gestellt werden. Eine intensive Zeit, die Innovation und Teamarbeit fördert.

20 Teams

Sei einer von 100 auserwählten Talenten, die zusammenkommen, um ihre Fähigkeiten zu messen und zu erweitern. Ein melting pot der klügsten Köpfe im Tech-Bereich.

1 Ziel

Trotz unterschiedlicher Hintergründe und Fähigkeiten verfolgen alle ein gemeinsames Ziel: neue Lösungen für echte Herausforderungen zu schaffen.

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Start der Bewerbungsphase

Tarek Müller


Auswahl der Teams

Tarek Müller


Bekanntgabe der Challenges

Tarek Müller

25. April

Start des Hackathon

Tarek Müller


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Start des Hackathons

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Researchers, PhDs, and academics passionate about harnessing their expertise in AI & ML, materials science, climate science, urban planning, robotics, or automation to address pressing global needs and market demands are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates are those looking at the business applications of their research and are motivated to make a substantial impact.

No, participation in the event is free of charge. We will cover the costs of meals, activities and accommodation.

  • Access tailored entrepreneurial training and insights specific to your field of interest.
  • Join a vibrant community of like-minded innovators and thought leaders.
  • Leverage opportunities for funding and partnership to launch your startup.